A realistic approach to gaining your customers loyalty

{ A realistic approach to gaining your customers loyalty }

Posted by {Liana Callaghan} 08.09.14

While reading this article “7 rules for real customer relationships”, it was abundantly clear that u&u Recruitment Partners readily identifies with each of these 7 guidelines. A quick refresher on what u&u stands for, we live to achieve exceptional results for our clients AND candidates. These guidelines really resonated with me, and the way we conduct ourselves as a business here at u&u – read this article here.

What makes a good leader?

{ What makes a good leader? }

Posted by {Sarah Fitzgerald} 04.09.14

Often in any sector and role type, the most successful people are promoted into leadership roles usually because it stands to reason that if you have shown the traits to be successful in your role, then you have the capacity to replicate this success in others. Often, however, leadership requires a completely different set of skills, some of which are natural intrinsic attributes and others learned. A recent article from news.com.au gives three great perspectives from trusted and proven leaders on what makes a good leader. Read more.

Habits that lead to terrible decisions

{ Habits that lead to terrible decisions }

Posted by {Chris O'Flynn} 04.09.14

Effective decision making capability is an essential skill of high performing leaders in today’s ever changing economic environment.  Fail to act quickly and the opportunity can be missed, however not gathering the right information from the right people can have long lasting negative consequences to an organisation.  The following article outlines nine pitfalls that can lead to terrible decisions.  Read this article here.

Why HR leaders should focus on talent in 2014?

{ Why HR leaders should focus on talent in 2014? }

Posted by {Andrea McDonald} 02.09.14

The main focus for most organisations in 2014 should be talent management and talent development, particularly the managerial and technical roles that are the difference makers, according to Edward Lawller. In his article he looks at some creative ideas as part of broader talent management programs including some creative work by Google. To read the full article by Edward Lawller III, who is all about sustainable organisational effectiveness, click here.