Are you an ‘Authority Figure’ in HR?

{ Are you an ‘Authority Figure’ in HR? }

Posted by {Danielle Van Velthuizen} 16.02.15

An article written by Anthony McLean, founder of Social Influence Consulting Group, sparked my interest given it’s something spoken about on a daily basis with my HR candidates and clients. How do we influence across all levels of the business and gain fairly instant buy in and credibility? Anthony is an expert in the power of influence and  I thought this article would be of interest to the HR community. Read more

FAQ’s on writing your resume

{ FAQ’s on writing your resume }

Posted by {Hannah Levison} 16.02.15

Laszlo Block, the man responsible for attraction, development and retention of all staff at Google for the last 9 years has written an article answering the top 8 questions asked about writing resumes. Laszlo has reviewed over 20,000 resumes throughout his career, which makes him more than qualified to answer the most frequent questions people have about their resume. Read more.

Working from home policy – what are the stats?

{ Working from home policy – what are the stats? }

Posted by {Danielle Van Velthuizen} 11.02.15

When speaking with my HR clients and candidates, there is always the age old debate around an effective working from home policy to allow for further flexibility and the potential to reduce staff turnover, employee engagement and stress related cases. I came across an article in BRW that has conducted a 9 month test within a large Chinese business, with the results an interesting read. Read more

Be the leader your employee’s need in 2015

{ Be the leader your employee’s need in 2015 }

Posted by {Hannah Levison} 10.02.15

There has been a lot of reading material released on transition and change in the workplace in 2015. This article, from BRW author Darren Hill, on management tips for 2015 is possibly one of the best I’ve read so far. A powerful idea raised within the article is that of expressing your vulnerability and actually asking your employee’s for help. Read on for the top ten most powerful words your staff can hear.