Dream big…. But not too big.

{ Dream big…. But not too big. }

Posted by {Hannah Levison} 08.12.14

Australia’s youth are currently being unrealistic about their future, according to the 2014 Mission Australia Survey. This survey is currently the biggest annual youth survey and it shows that factors including education, employment and owning their first home are currently top priorities for Australia’s youth, however this isn’t necessarily achievable for most. From meeting with graduates on a weekly basis, it is apparent that they are struggling to get a foot in the door to start their career. Is there something that organisations in the Australian market can do to assist Australia’s youth? Graduate programs and internships could be a great start to tackling this issue. Read more results from the country’s biggest annual youth survey here.

Monetise big data

{ Monetise big data }

Posted by {Liana Callaghan} 05.12.14

This is a very topical theme at the moment and companies like Amazon and eBay are doing this very well. These companies have the ability to use big data to gain insights into their customers buying behaviours and capitalise on each purchase a customer makes. This article from BRW outlines three ways you can gather and monetise data as a business, please read on here.

Nobody likes a micro-manager

{ Nobody likes a micro-manager }

Posted by {Chris O'Flynn} 04.12.14

You may be practicing one or more of the key indicators of micro-management outlined in this article and not even know it. Micro-managing can be an issue because:

a) you’re not using your time or your team’s time wisely;

b) you’re probably not the most popular manager in the office; and

c) you are conditioning your staff to fear failure. An interesting article by BRW discusses four strategies to help you stop micro-managing.

u&u light up Hong Kong during G20

{ u&u light up Hong Kong during G20 }

Posted by {Craig Sneesby} 03.12.14

The u&u team recently returned from a four day strategy conference in Hong Kong over the G20 weekend.  The team developed a wide range of exciting initiatives that will be launched in 2015.  Stay tuned for what is set to be a very fast moving year ahead! Oh, and there was just a little bit of celebrating a great 2014.