The Five Deadliest Job Interview Mistakes

{ The Five Deadliest Job Interview Mistakes }

Posted by {Danielle Van Velthuizen} 17.07.14

Most people might think, like an exam, a job interview is to answer questions correctly and everything will be fine but it is in fact the complete opposite! It is to stand out as a candidate and to answer questions not like every other candidate. A really great insight into this theory is an article posted by Liz Ryan which explains how to be different in an interview and explain the five deadliest interview mistakes for candidates. To view this article please click here.

Creating a best first impression

{ Creating a best first impression }

Posted by {Jane Cullen} 16.07.14

What we wear can dictate whether we make a good or bad first impression – and that first, one-second impression can be very hard to change. For many Australian men, the cut of their suit is irrelevant, yet research shows that people have a higher regard for men in made-to-measure suits. The researcher, Professor Karen Pine, says the differences between the suits were subtle, yet had a very different impact on the “perceivers”.

What is your reason for going to work each day?

{ What is your reason for going to work each day? }

Posted by {Erica Brock} 15.07.14

When the alarm clock goes off on a cold Monday morning, you wouldn’t be alone if you were wishing that your day did not require you to get up and go to work. The reasons why we do pull back the covers and get on with our day can vary greatly. Many say that it is for the money, some say it is to continue to climb that ladder, and others say it is for the social life. This interesting thought piece looks at the importance of finding out what our inner purpose is for going to work, what makes those cold mornings worthwhile and how can we make sure we are achieving it as regularly as possible. Read more

What drives the man with the “world’s most impossible job”?

{ What drives the man with the “world’s most impossible job”? }

Posted by {Andrea McDonald} 10.07.14

Impossible may be an understatement as there was a reason why the United Nation’s first Secretary General called the role, “the most impossible job in the world.” Ban Ki-moon is in fact the UN’s eight Secretary General for seven years running and is determined to prove that impossible doesn’t mean ineffectual.

Read this article and see if you think it’s the world’s most impossible job!