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Are you ready for your second interview?

Stacey Stevenson - May 14, 2019

At one stage or another we’ve all experienced the nerves involved with a job interview. Most companies these days, will want to meet a candidate more than once, sometimes up to four times, before they give a verbal offer.

In this day in age, where competition is high, it can be really beneficial to partake in more than one round of interviews.

The first interview

Despite being a little nerve racking, it is essential to ace your first interview. This is your number one opportunity to make a great first impression that will likely get you through to a second interview.

First round interviews can vary depending on the company and interviewer style, however, at this stage you should expect a lot of structure from the interviewer. It’s likely that you will be asked multiple questions which demonstrate your experience, reasons for being interested in the role and their company, and a few behavioural questions which depict the type of worker you may be.

The second interview

From there, should you be considered the right fit at this stage, a second interview could be requested. The second round of interviews is usually in a more relaxed setting, such as a café, and is designed to get to know your personality a little better.

When meeting a potential employee, it is important to remember that It’s not just your skills and experience that are going to land you that job, on most occasions it can also come down to personality fit.

However, the second interview could also be set up to introduce you to another team member or someone at senior level.

What I do often see is candidates coming prepared for their first interview, having researched the company and prepared questions, then attending the second interview with little to no preparation.

This second interview is just as important as the first interview, if not more so. This is your chance, possibly the last, to really sell yourself for the position.

Here are a few tips on what to expect and how to prepare for your second interview:

  • Get an agenda. Know who will you be meeting with and have an overview of how the interview will be run.
  • Research. You did this prior to your first interview, do it again prior to your second interview.
  • Know your reasons why you have accepted a second interview.
  • Review the questions you were asked in your first interview.
  • Think about what you didn’t say in your first meeting.
  • Dress professionally. Just because you have a second interview, doesn’t mean you can relax in your attire.
  • Prepare new questions.
  • Keep up your energy and enthusiasm.
  • If you are still interested in the position at the end of this second interview, let the interviewer know!
  • Just remember, you are interviewing the company too. You need to make sure this is the right job for you!




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