We can handle ‘no’

Ben Carnegie - September 22, 2017

We can handle ‘no’, job seekers say.

Ask any job seeker what the most frustrating thing is about looking for a new job and 99% of them will tell you it’s the lack of contact from the employer. Whether this is a response, acknowledging receipt of your resume to an application or whether it is feedback after an interview, not hearing anything from an employer can reflect negatively on an employer’s business.

It’s when a candidate hears nothing at all from their prospective employer that they start to question the culture of an organisation, and from this, negative murmurs can begin about their experience to their trusted networks.

For those that work in recruitment, it could be said that we are in the business of rejection. For every job, there is only one winner and there are no prizes for second place or beyond. Job seekers know this and understand the risks involved in putting your resume out for review. No one likes to hear that their experience isn’t a ‘good fit’ for a role as ‘fit’ is often in the eye of the beholder.

It is extremely important to ensure that the unsuccessful job seekers are treated with respect and ultimately walk away having had a positive experience. This will make them more likely to apply again for more appropriate positions within a company and also tell people what a good experience they had with your company, despite not getting a job.

When recruiting your next position, put yourself in the shoes of the job seeker. If they aren’t right for they role, let them know. They can handle NO. It’s the not knowing that is most difficult to deal with.




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