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Career development – How to sell your career achievements

- February 06, 2020

Your resume is your best opportunity to make a great first impression with your recruitment consultant. Your resume should not only include details of your skills and job experience, but one of the most essential parts of your resume is your key career achievements. These key achievements are what differentiate you from candidates with similar training and backgrounds.

Thinking about your career achievements is an important aspect of your job search – achievements indicate the following:

  • How successful you have been in your job roles;
  • How good you are at your job;
  • Your uniqueness and how you stand out from other candidates with similar skills and qualifications; and
  • Your specific contributions to your former employers to assist them in their growth and, therefore, the value you could add to the market and other clients.
  • Achievements indicate one or more skills in action, sometimes combined with the ideal personal characteristics. Once you identify your top skills, you can start to pull together a statement of your value to the market. This is your “value proposition”.

    The first step in fleshing out your value proposition is to identify your achievements. Questions to ask yourself:

  • Did you take the initiative of acquiring new skills or learning new technologies?
  • Did you successfully solve a difficult situation with a client?
  • Did you surpass accepted standards for quality and/or quantity of performance?
  • Did your ideas or suggestions help increase the performance of individuals or machines?
  • Did you take the initiative of solving a problem that others had been ignoring?
  • Did you identify a need and satisfy it?
  • Did you prepare business plans, strategy documents, or board reports?
  • Did you implement complex processes or improve upon existing processes?
  • Did you participate in any technical improvements?
  • Did you train or mentor other colleagues to become better at what they do, or did you put training plans into place?
  • Did you implement or participate in any sales, profits and/or cost saving recommendations?
  • Did you initiate techniques to reduce errors, costs or time spent?
  • Did your work enlarge the client / customer base?
  • Did you receive any awards?
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