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How are you assessing your future business needs in a post COVID-19 world?

Andrea McDonald - August 07, 2020

If like me, you’ve been in awe of any organisations that have transformed, pivoted and re-invented themselves to adjust to the post COVID-19 market, then like me, you are probably fascinated not just about ‘what’ they did, but about ‘how’ they did it? Regardless of how many business leaders I’ve spoken to, who have been part of organisations experiencing this success in 2020, the common theme in their success stories has been the ability of their people to personally embrace the behaviours required to effect this change in their organisations.

Whilst this people capability is applauded, it is closely followed by the lamenting insight from leaders, that whilst their organisations may now appear different to the market, their internal organisational structures and roles largely look the same. If you think your organisation may be suffering from a similar challenge, you may want to ask yourself the following;

Are the expectations of roles and the outcomes we need them to achieve still the same?

Many roles in organisations have altered over the course of the last 6 months. Whilst some roles have grown in nature, and some may have become more specialised, the important review for your organisation should be – have we changed the way in which we communicate and manage our employees to the new set of role expectations?

Whilst our teams have been keen to rise to the challenge of the changing market within their roles and responsibilities, as human beings we are best motivated by an understanding of what is expected of us and what ‘success’ looks like in our roles. Ask yourself, is it time to explore whether our role accountabilities, key performance indicators and incentive programs still apply, or do you need to align these programs with the new expectations within our organisation?

Do our current employee recognition strategies reward agility and innovation in our organisation enough?

If it has been the demonstration of agility and innovation skills from your people over the last 6 months that has seen your organisation survive and thrive within an challenging COVID-19 marketplace. As such, it is important you take the time to assess if your organisation’s reward and recognition strategies support this ongoing behaviour. Ask yourself if your employees would be motivated and feel appreciated for finding the space to innovate and re-invent within their current roles, and if not, what needs to change to ensure they are?

Does your current organisational design support timely and market responsive decision making?

For many organisations the rapid and timely decision making that responding to a COVID-19 marketplace required was a significant challenge. The internal organisational structures that were perhaps a great fit for the 2019 version of your organisation may no longer be the right fit for the type of organisation you are running in 2020. Ask yourself, do we have the right roles, focused on the right things, with the right decision making authority for the organisation you are today? It will also be important to ask if you have the right people in the right roles to set your organisation up for success given the challenges you know your organisation may face as the marketplace continues to evolve over the months and years ahead.

Whilst it may be challenging to know where to start with the required actions to set your organisation and people up for success, the most important thing is that you do start. Don’t miss your opportunity to capitalise on your organisations achievements to date. By reviewing you future business and people resourcing needs you are setting up your organisation and your people for future success in this ever changing market.

Shanelle Moloney

Managing Director
Moloney Consulting




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