New year, new you

Erica Brock - November 30, 2018

It’s that time of year again when we are all counting down to holidays and ready to take some much-needed time off. What does 2019 bring for you? It is always around this time that we have an increased number of candidates inform us that next year is the year they will find their perfect new job. So, what are my top tips for finding that new dream role next year?

Prepare your resume before the end of the year. Don’t wait until you see the job that you want and then quickly put a rushed resume together so that you can apply. Your resume is often the beginning of your first impression with an employer. The basics apply here: triple check for spelling mistakes, grammar and formatting issues; if you are not confident that your resume looks perfect, then don’t put it forward; white space is a good thing; and make sure you include enough detail of each position – don’t undersell yourself.

Find or purchase an interview ‘power’ outfit. This is the outfit that you feel a million dollars in. It is very rare that a client will tell me that a candidate overdressed for an interview and therefore did not secure the job. What does happen is that a candidate will be unsuccessful due to poor presentation. Keep your outfit conservative, but professional and sharp.

Do you know who your professional referees are? Every job you go for will require you to provide the contact details for at least two professional referees. 99% of the time, these individuals need to be somebody you have previously reported into or who was senior to you. Do you know who you would provide if asked? If you have lost contact with them, start looking for previous employers on LinkedIn or Facebook and ask for permission to provide their details confidentially.

Know what your motivators are for choosing your next role. Are you motivated by career progression? Or is work / life balance and finding a role close to home your priority? It is important to think about different motivators and it will help you to find a role that is going to positively influence your life. Other motivators include remuneration, recognition, learning a new skill, finding a positive team environment, or looking for a strong leader. Just remember, often salary is just a housekeeping element rather than the key to job satisfaction.

These tips will not only help you in your job search but will also take some stress off your shoulders this festive season, knowing you have already put your best foot forward for 2017.




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