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Observations in the “new normal”

- April 08, 2020

It has been an interesting few weeks in the “new normal” of working from home and dealing with the joys of social distancing – or as my colleague calls it, physical distancing. I like that term so much more – we can still be social from a distance.

I have four school age kids at home doing remote learning. I have been really impressed by how the teachers have handled this as well as the kids. To be able to keep the kids engaged and focused, as well as having breaks for meditation, exercise and making me cups of tea – has been excellent. To all teachers helping us in the new normal – thank you.

Whilst both the permanent and contracting markets have taken an immediate hit, with roles on hold or cancelled, my expectation is that once companies work out their “working from home” operating rhythm and how to induct new staff remotely, we will see the employment market pick up – especially in contracting. I have many examples of accounting professionals starting their new roles from home – laptop delivered to their door and zoom meetings set up to introduce their team – not ideal, but it is working well.

Clients that were in the process of hiring permanently and either the role is on hold due to a hiring freeze, or the ideal candidate does not want to move from their current position, have moved to hire a contractor for up to six months as the work still needs to be done. Hiring a contractor has become a great option to consider, which can then be reviewed when the world goes back to “normal”.

In my conversations with clients, there are a number who also have some of their financial processes sent offshore. They are finding that in some overseas locations the “work from home” option is not available and work that had been sent offshore is now not being completed. This has resulted contracting opportunities where the work needs to be in-sourced. I expect opportunities for contractors to help in this process to increase, especially as we approach year end.

I focus on the recruitment of temporary accounting and finance staff. As mentioned earlier I expect the contracting / temporary market to continue to some extent through this crisis. If you have been impacted and need to look for contracting work, please feel free to get in touch.

And of course if you need to hire some contracting or temporary accounting and finance staff, then please also reach out.

I am happy to discuss how we might be able to assist and work hand in hand to explore opportunities.
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