Avoid the pain of a competing offer

Kristine Luke - May 17, 2018

Calling all Partners, Senior Management and HR leaders, what could be more frustrating than working for months searching for, interviewing and then selecting the perfect candidate, only to have them accept a competing offer after you considered your recruitment process complete?

Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for new hires to walk away from an offer that they have already accepted, or even worse, become no-shows on their scheduled start date.

As the economy heats up, and the war for talent rears its ugly head, star candidates are continuously receiving offers, even after they have accepted yours. There is also often a chase the dollar mentality and, because of this ethics shift, fewer individuals feel any sense of guilt about walking away from an offer that they only accepted days ago. Whilst you as a recruiter often can’t do anything about this, if you institute a pre-boarding process and take the right proactive actions during it, you can get the number of offer fall-outs down to almost zero.

There are many benefits to onboarding your new hire, but it’s often not done particularly well. Our aim is that the onboarding extends to ‘preboarding’, beginning when an offer is accpeted, and continues beyond the new hire’s start date and across their first six months in their role. This is the best way to stop the pain of a candidate accepting a competing offer.

This article from ERE summarises some of the top preboarding actions for reducing new hire no-shows, including frequent contact from both the recruiter and the hiring manager, face-to-face meetings, reinforcing their acceptance decision, and providing them with information to reduce first-day anxiety.




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