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Kate Vuleta - February 05, 2018

Workplace diversity: in 2018, this is no longer just a catchphrase.

Workplace diversity is often at the top of many employers’ list of priorities. But what factors attract differing sexes to different roles? Is it a question of full-time versus part-time, location, salary, or sector? u&u caught up with SEEK recently to go through the latest statistics on workplace diversity.

Who is applying in each sector?

Male job applicants peak in the Engineering industry, at 82% (compared to 18% of female applicants). The top five sectors for males include Mining, Resources & Energy, Construction, CEO & General Management, and Trades & Services.

Do salary expectations differ between the sexes?

Salary expectations are higher among males than females in every industry. Our market knowledge suggests that, at these salary expectations, males are striving to attain a salary package slightly above market rate while females seem more likely to settle for a package within the expected bracket.

Location, location: who prefers where?

Most locations were valued equally between males and females, except for Northern Territory and Western Australia. The WA Regional area was the most disparate location, with 61% of male candidates applying for jobs in the region versus 39% of females. These WA regional, NT metro and NT regional areas are booming hubs for many male-dominated industries such as Mining, Resources & Energy.

Battle of the working hours

Full-time and contract / temporary work is relatively equal between the sexes. However, part-time positions are preferred by females, with 61% of females applying for part-time positions. This is most likely due to more females searching for flexible working conditions to partner with parenting commitments.

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