Who are u really hiring?

We leave no stone unturned because in this day and age you simply can’t know too much about the people you are hiring.

Our expert checking team knows where, and how to look for that hard-to-find background information and offers this as a service to many high profile organisations.

Our approach is unerringly precise.

Criminal history checks: We coordinate and provide feedback to you with detailed criminal checks on individuals.

Qualifications verification: Qualifications are the most common area in which candidates submit “misleading” information with 90% of resumes containing mistakes or exaggerations. We will verify all qualifications within Australia and any industry-specific mandatory association qualifications.

Eligibility to work in Australia: All candidates are checked for their eligibility to work in Australia.

Reference checking: Two formal reference checks are completed for each selected candidate. We seek a reference check from a candidate’s most recent manager.

You will be provided with comprehensive reports following the reference checks.

Pulse check: At the three-month mark of each appointment our team conducts a thorough “Pulse Check” with all appointed candidates. We supply a report to you for each Pulse Check.

Who are u?

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