The demand for HR talent heats up

Kate Vuleta - April 17, 2018

As the demand for HR talent heats up, Kate Vuleta, one of our specialist recruiters in the Human Resources space, shares her insights into the current demand, opportunities and challenges in this space.

Increasing demand for contract talent
Following the state election last year and in the face of the new financial year, a number of Queensland business transformation projects are driving the demand for HR professionals and internal recruiters ever onward. There is an increasing demand for strong HR contract talent, so much so that we’ve doubled our HR contractor base in the last quarter.

Salaries and contract rates on the up
This confidence in the market has led businesses to offer a little bit more in terms of salary and contract rates. Salaries are up from the same time last year, with employers making offers at the higher end of current salary ranges across HR roles.

Where are the skills shortages?
We are seeing a shortage of candidates in the market with employee relations experience, as well as those with remuneration and benefits skill sets. We’re looking at sourcing some of these roles from interstate to fill the skills gaps.

For every challenge, there is an opportunity
Challenges and opportunities will be associated with internal restructures. We’ve seen a number of Head of HR or Chief People and Culture Officers make moves in the last three months, and there are often resulting restructures as part of these movements.

We should expect to see more opportunities in the mining and the associated mining services businesses over the second half of this year. Additionally, now that the government is bedded down, a lot of internal government projects are going ahead, with the opportunity for HR to make a huge impact.

To read more about current Queensland HR trends, get in touch with our specialist HR recruitment team or go to Shortlist.




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