What do candidates look for in a job?

Stacey Stevenson - August 23, 2017

We have all read about some amazing companies who offer a spectacular work environment for their employees with some amazing incentives. (I know we’re all thinking about Google.)

However, not every company can offer this level of incentive to their employees. Lucky for those companies, there are a number of things that could entice a candidate to change jobs.

You might think these are simple offerings, but it might just snag you the perfect employee.

    1. The company’s past

Firstly, the company’s past is extremely important. A good reputation in the industry and a high success rate will be of great appeal to candidates.

    2. Salary / wages

If you are going to pay poorly, then either the candidate will turn down your offer straight-up or they will commence, but when offered a well-paid position, they will move on. Not only is this a fuss for your team, but also for you – we’re back to recruiting the same role again.

    3. Benefits

Along with a competitive salary, good benefits should be offered where possible. Such benefits might include extra annual leave or generous contributions to super / pension schemes.
Not all jobs can offer bonuses. For a candidate who has reached a particular goal, the company could offer time off in lieu, team away days, social events or even allowing a candidate to go home early on a Friday. Flexibility programs work well listed here too. Work-life balance is very important to candidates these days and this makes candidates feel that they are trusted and valued. It is also becoming extremely popular for companies to offer health and wellbeing benefits to their employees. For example, this might include free yoga classes or discounts for gym memberships. Along with the candidate reaping these rewards, the company enjoys employees who tend to be happier, more effective and more committed.

    4. Technology

The technology offered to a candidate is also important. This could also fall under the flexibility benefit banner, if a laptop or smart phone is offered to encourage working remotely or other flexible working arrangements.

    5. Career progression

Candidates like to imagine that they could have a future with an employer. If the candidate can see that the company is well-positioned for their future, this can show there is job security and career progression. Offering good training options to a candidate will show them that they have room to grow and develop within the company. Mentoring from or the offer of regular catch-ups with their line managers, and the supportive network that this facilitates, is also an important factor for many candidates.

    6. Location

If the company is close to good transport, or offers parking on-site, this can be a great incentive for candidates.

    7. Company culture

A good work environment and company culture is also vital. A company should be able to offer good break out areas where candidates can move away from their work desks to take a break or socialise, and an environment where they feel included within a team who are all working towards common goals.
Your company might not be able to offer all of these benefits, but offering at least one or two from this list will certainly set you apart from the rest in any candidate’s eyes!




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