Why are candidates looking to leave their current roles?

Paige Mackay - August 21, 2018

I meet 10 candidates a week on average, and most of these candidates are currently working in roles that they are looking to leave. So, why are they wanting to leave?

Surprisingly, most of the candidates I meet say they really do like their job, even that they like their organisation. The main reason these candidates are looking for new opportunities is actually that their managers aren’t listening to their needs. Whether the employee is looking for further development opportunities, their salary reviews have been knocked back or they aren’t feeling challenged in their role, most of the employees I meet who are looking to leave their current roles are crying out for their leaders to not only hear their needs, but to take action in retaining them.

Employers not listening to their employees’ needs poses a serious threat to employee retention. According to Forbes, 2 out of every 3 people who leave their current roles cite lack of appreciation.

Employees are more likely to remain in a position if they are:

  • Mentored by those above them;
  • Continue to feel challenged and involved;
  • Paid well;
  • Feel appreciated for their work and valued for their role in the broader business; and
  • Empowered to perform at their best and to challenge themselves in their role.

In 2018, the average person changes jobs twelve times during their working life – that means stepping into a new role every four years. Cultivating loyalty has never been more important, yet it is still so easily destroyed.

Loyalty is destroyed by:

  • A lack of appreciation and support;
  • A lack of opportunities to grow and learn;
  • A lack of trust and respect; and
  • A lack of recognition and proper financial compensation.

If you want to find out more about employee loyalty and how to keep it, this article by the Global CTO of DailyMail Online summarises popular articles on the topic.




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