Why December may be the right time to leave your job

Shannon Edwards - December 09, 2019

As the months cross over into summer, with the festive season in full swing, December is one of the most wonderful times of the year – and arguably one of most popular months to look for your new job!

If you’ve spent time tossing up whether you’re in the right position or not, chances are that by the end of the calendar year you’ll be feeling well and truly ready to skedaddle out of there.

Why is it that many workers find themselves questioning their position at the end of the year – could it come down to exhaustion? Or perhaps the tempting prospect of a new start? With the new year on the horizon comes the unforeseen potential of new opportunities.

It gives you a sense of finality

We’ve all heard of the idea ‘new year new me’. Resigning at the end of the calendar year may symbolise closing a chapter of life, preparing yourself to start the new year with a fresh gig that gives you an energised sense of purpose and new motivation.

It’s a great time of year for job seekers

In fact, December can actually be a lucrative time of year for job seekers on the hunt for their next role. For starters, right before the holiday period can often be a calmer time in terms of workload, and an excellent time to begin looking for your next opportunity.

Be it a case of not wanting to return to the office after a vacation, holding out to receive their holiday bonus or moving on to a new chapter, the large number of resignations at this time of year only means a larger opening of opportunities.

In many circumstances, your recruitment consultant will be working up until the office closure for Christmas to fill these roles. It’s a time of year where many organisations are looking to fill vacant positions or employ new roles with leftover recruitment budget for the calendar year. It is true that many businesses are looking to have any new employment locked in before closing for the festive break, so the month of December is the perfect time to connect with your recruitment consultant.

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